Develop students’ critical reading and analysis, writing, language, speaking, and listening skills using high-interest themes and complex texts. Support for students across a wide range of ability levels.

Text-based questions, close reading activities, and focused writing opportunities enhance students’ ability to analyze a text, participate in collaborative discussions, and respond through oral and written activities.

Reimagine your classroom, where all students can comprehend the text

Comprehension is the gateway to meaning, and our state-of-the-art Immersive Reader technology delivers.

ALL students have the power to

  • adapt the reading passage based on their own abilities and learning differences.
  • translate and hear the text in their native language—dozens of languages available.
  • use a picture dictionary, add line focus (1, 3, or 5 links of text), or identify parts of speech and syllable.
  • change font type, size and background colors for readability.

Participate and collaborate

Reduce reluctance to participate through the Collaboration Wall.

Students and teachers can use familiar social media tools to

  • share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions.
  • participate in dynamic discussion both online and in small groups.
  • track participation in real time.

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