English 1, 2, 3 & 4

Develop students’ critical reading, analysis, and writing skills

  • Literature you love—high-interest themes and thought-provoking essential questions build engagement as students become immersed in outstanding literary and nonfiction selections.
  • Easy-to-use—the step-by-step lesson design focuses students on a key learning objective as they read the selection; annotate the text; apply the targeted skill; and respond through discussion, writing, and collaborative activities.
  • Flexible—comprehensive standards coverage and a modular design permits easy integration into your curriculum; select exactly what you need for your students.
  • All the support you need—powerful classroom management tools including assessments, differentiation support, performance reports, PowerPoint lessons, extension activities, and integration into your existing LMS.

Intensive Reading

Scaffolded skill instruction gives students the tools to become confident readers and writers.

AP® Literature & Language

Market-leading AP language and literature titles, aligned to the College Board’s most recent updates, from AMSCO and W.W. Norton.

Honors I and II

Engages students in powerful discussions and activities about subjects meaningful to them while developing students’ argumentation skills.


Build career ready communication skills through project-based learning.


The leading text for all formats of competitive debate with essential terms, templates, and projects.

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